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Men’s Health Singapore – May 2019-P2P

Men’s Health Singapore is the authority on men’s fitness, health, sex and relationships, grooming and style, a “100% Useful” monthly guide for the sophisticated and active man who is vibrant, financially secure and who seeks an editorial product that is presented in an approachable and professional manner.

Men’s Health Singapore – May 2019-P2P
English | 84 pages | True PDF | 31.0 MB

Android 4: New Features for Application Development-P2P

Develop Android applications using the new features of Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4: New Features for Application Development-P2P
English | 166 pages | Packt Publishing (December 24, 2012) | 1849519528 | EPUB, PDF | 4.29 Mb

How it Works: Book of The Human Body 12th Edition, 2018-P2P

The human body is unmatched by any other species on Earth. Explore our amazing anatomy in fine detail before delving into the intricacies of the complex processes, functions and systems that keep us going through incredible illustrations, photography and explanations. Take the head-to-toe tour and begin to see yourself in a whole new light! Featuring: 50 amazing body facts – Discover some intriguing trivia about the human body. Human anatomy – Get an insight into the complexities of human anatomy through in-depth anatomical diagrams. The body at work – Take a look at the processes that keep our bodies functioning and keep us alive! Curious questions – Understand the explanations behind some of the body’s weirdest phenomena, from hiccups to sneezing.

How it Works: Book of The Human Body 12th Edition, 2018-P2P
2018 | English | ISBN: N/A | PDF | 164 pages | 139 MB
Download: DROPAPK

Excel 2016 Business statistics – 1st Edition: (Complete Practical Guide Book For Problem Solution)-P2P

Complete Practical Guide Book Your Problem Solution
Use excel’s statistical gear to transform your facts into expertise
Nationally recognized excel expert conrad carlberg shows you a way to use excel 2016 to carry out middle statistical tasks each commercial enterprise expert, pupil, and researcher must master. using actual-global examples and downloadable workbooks, carlberg facilitates you pick the proper approach for each problem and get the maximum out of excel’s statistical capabilities. along the way, he clarifies perplexing statistical terminology and allows you keep away from not unusual mistakes.
You’ll learn how to use correlation and regression, analyze variance and covariance, and take a look at statistical hypotheses the use of the ordinary, binomial, t, and f distributions. to help you make correct inferences based on samples from a population, carlberg offers insightful coverage of essential topics ranging from experimental layout to the statistical electricity of f checks. updated for excel 2016, this guide covers each modern-day consistency features and legacy compatibility features.
Becoming an professional with excel data has never been less complicated! on this ebook, you’ll find crystal-clear instructions, insider insights, and entire step-by using-step guidance.
Master excel’s most useful descriptive and inferential statistical gear
recognize how values cluster collectively or disperse, and how variables circulate or classify jointly
inform the truth with facts—and apprehend whilst others don’t
infer a populace’s characteristics from a sample’s frequency distribution
explore correlation and regression to find out how variables flow in tandem
use excel consistency functions together with stdev.s( ) and stdev.p( )
test differences between manner using z checks, t assessments, and excel’s facts analysis add-in
perceive skewed distributions the use of excel’s new integrated box-and-whisker plots and histograms
examine statistical strength and manipulate hazard
explore how randomized block and cut up plot designs modify the derivation of f-ratios
use coded multiple regression evaluation to perform anova with unbalanced factorial designs
examine covariance with ancova, and nicely use more than one covariance
take advantage of advocated pivottables, brief analysis, and different excel 2016 shortcuts

Excel 2016 Business statistics – 1st Edition: (Complete Practical Guide Book For Problem Solution)-P2P
English | February 20, 2019 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07P15G2QK | 485 pages | AZW3 | 18.44 MB
Download: DROPAPK

GOM Player Plus Multilingual-P2P

P2p group has released the newest build of “GOM Player Plus” for windows. Enjoy

Description: While at the cinema there is not much you can do to enhance your experience, except for insisting on getting those seats in the center of the row, when watching a movie at home, there are much more variables you can influence, with the first on the list being the choice of player. If you are the kind of user who knows there is nothing that could beat a software utility that sports that minimalist look allowing for ease of navigation while also bundling a multitude of advanced features, then GOM Player Plus might be a tool you should take into consideration.

Feature :

  • The codec finder ensures any video format can be handled
  • Offers 360-degree VR support
  • Integrates a multitude of features fine-tuning the user experience
  • Feature-packed video player that keeps up with the times
  • Optimal Control Panel for Video Playback
  • Ad-free Premium Video Player
  • Smooth UHD, 4K High-Resolution Playback
  • Highly User-friendly Skin and Product Design
  • Release Names: GOM Player Plus Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 34MB / 40MB
    LinksHomepage – NFO – NTi 

    GOM Player Plus Multilingual (x86): NITROFLARERAPIDGATOR
    GOM Player Plus Multilingual (x64): NITROFLARERAPIDGATOR

    Fakin’ The Funk? Multilingual-P2P

    P2p group has released the newest build of “Fakin’ The Funk?” for windows. Enjoy

    Description: Fakin’ The Funk? is a tool that helps you to detect the true quality of your audio files in one batch. Nowadays you can download tunes from anywhere. But what is the real quality of these files? What if you could check those tunes to see if they’re really that good, and not upscaled 128kbps to 320kbps MP3s? You could batch-process them all without having to manually check them 1-by-1 using a spectrum analyzer?

    Feature :
    - Automated batch-processing
    - Easy-to-use interface
    - Free (for the 1st 100 detected fake files)
    - Cannot be fooled by audio-optimizers like Platinum Notes
    - Besides fake files, it detects corrupted & unreadable files as well
    - Supports all popular lossy & lossless audio file formats
    - Ultra-fast processing using multiple threads to speed up the analysis
    - Drag-&-drop support e.g. to Mp3Tag or Explorer
    - Shows frequency cut-off, using its built-in Spectrum analyzer
    - Listen to audio files directly, using its built-in player
    - Translated manually into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Swedish & Polish
    - Supports 24 bit formats & samplerates above 48 kHz
    - Tag-editor for the most common ID-tags incl. search & replace feature
    - Optional clipping detection
    - Configurable toolbuttons to search songs online (Amazon, iTunes, etc.)

    Release Names: Fakin’ The Funk? Multilingual-P2P
    Size: 16MB
    LinksHomepage – NFO – NTi 


    My 1001 Nights: Tales and Adventures from Morocco-P2P

    TV presenter, writer and adventurer Alice Morrison gives her own unique and personal insight into Morocco, her home for 1001 nights.

    When Alice Morrison headed out to Morocco, it was to take on one of the most daunting challenges: to run in the famous Marathon des Sables. Little did she expect to end up living there. But as soon as she settled in a flat in Marrakech, she was won over by the people, the spectacular scenery and the ancient alleyways of the souk. Soon she was hiking over the Atlas mountains, joining nomads to sample their timeless way of life as they crossed the Sahara desert, and finding peace in a tranquil oasis.

    Despite more than 10 million tourists coming to Morocco each year, there is remarkably little that has been written about its people, their customs and the extraordinary range of places to visit, from bustling markets to vast, empty deserts. Alice makes sure she samples it all, and as she does she provides a stunning portrait of a beautiful country. As a lone woman, she often attracts plenty of curiosity, but her willingness to participate – whether thigh deep in pigeon droppings in a tannery or helping out herding goats – ensures that she is welcomed everywhere by a people who are among the most hospitable on the planet.

    Alice came to fame with her BBC2 series Morocco to Timbuktu, and now she joins the ranks of great travel writers who can bring a country vividly to life and instantly transport the reader to a sunnier place. If you’re thinking of going to Morocco, or you want to recall your time there, My 1001 Nights is the ideal book.

    My 1001 Nights: Tales and Adventures from Morocco-P2P

    English | April 18th, 2019 | ISBN: 1471174255 | 288 pages | EPUB | 54.8 MB

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